Data Warehouse


Kentucky’s Data Warehouse for Substance Abuse Prevention and Behavioral Health serves as a powerful tool for state, regional, and local community leaders, policymakers, service providers, parents and others who want to review data and obtain a clearer perspective about the factors that contribute to substance abuse and behavioral health problems in Kentucky.

KIP WAREHOUSE Screenshot.jpg

Through the Data Warehouse website, REACH has developed two dynamic tools useful for analyzing KIP Survey data on a regional and statewide-level. The KIP Data Dashboard and the KIP Data Visualizer allow users to track and display key data indicators utilizing survey results from 2004-2018.  Click here for more information about the Kentucky Incentives for Prevention survey.


The goal of Kentucky’s Data Warehouse for Substance Abuse Prevention and Behavioral Health is to bring together a wide range of data related to alcohol, tobacco and other drugs, and behavioral health and combine that data with a suite of tools that allow users to produce custom charts, graphs, and maps. The Data Warehouse makes data in Kentucky more accessible to enable better decision making by program managers and prevention staff throughout Kentucky.

REACH Evaluation is responsible for both the design and upkeep of the Data Warehouse and periodically upgrades the tools on the site to provide the most cutting edge mapping, graphing, and sorting tools on the market. REACH also combs through dozens of statewide data source to keep the Data Warehouse populated with the most up-to-date figures available.


The Kentucky Data Warehouse was developed with the assistance of a federal grant from the Center for Substance Abuse Prevention.