Life Cycle of a Project


REACH Evaluation works with clients to meet their goals and deliver quality products for practical and sustainable use.



Needs Assessment

What are the needs of my population, community, or project?

REACH can help you understand current state of affairs and obtain baseline data

  • Identify scope of need

  • Assess existing resources

  • Develop effective problem statement

  • Visioning and goal setting

  • Quantitative and qualitative data collection plan


Design & Implementation Icon-jpg.jpg

design & implementation

What is my action plan, how do I operationalize it, and what data do I need to collect?

REACH can help you develop a framework for the project and its evaluation

  • Develop action plan and research questions

  • Identify evidence-based best practices

  • Identify performance metrics

  • Develop Logic Model

  • Develop customized Data Management System

  • Develop dashboards for real-time data reporting analytics


Process Evaluation Icon-jpg.jpg

process evaluation

Is my project going according to plan and what course corrections do I need to make?

REACH can help you assess implementation and develop course-correction strategies

  • Implement evaluation design

  • Answer research questions and measure performance metrics

  • Identify bottlenecks through process flow diagrams

  • Reduce waste and increase efficiency using Lean, Six Sigma and Behavioral Economics methodologies

  • Monitor success through statistical and qualitative data analysis


Outcome Evaluation Icon-jpg.jpg

outcome evaluation

How successful are we?

REACH can help you quantify success against performance metrics

  • Determine effectiveness through statistical and qualitative data analysis

  • Identify differential outcomes for various sub-populations

  • Measure progress against plan using guiding research questions

  • Hone solutions to increase impact using Project Management techniques

  • Surface unintended effects


Impact Evaluation Icon-jpg.jpg

impact evaluation

To what extent did we impact the community?

REACH can help you quantify impact on community

  • Determine community impact through statistical and qualitative data analysis

  • Conduct Social Benefit-Cost Analysis

  • Determine causality through process-tracing

  • Quantify collective impact

  • Provide evidence for use in policy and funding decisions